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This site was originally dedicated to selling custom gift baskets. In 2015, however, the site was repurposed to become a consumer information site. We will be adding plenty of articles to help our web visitors shop wisely on the Internet, find terrific bargains on various goods and services, and most importantly, save money!


Article One: How to get your credit score for free on the Internet

Many websites charge you to find out your credit score, but what many consumers don't know is that you can get your credit score for free. By federal law, you are entitled to receive one free credit report per year from each of the credit bureaus. The three agencies that track your credit are Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. Instead of contacting each of these agencies separately, you can obtain your credit reports from all three using a website called AnnualCreditReport.com. You need not be concerned about using this site (as I first was), since it is a government website and 100% legitimate. I recommend getting your credit reports each year. In order to remember when to request them, pick a certain month of the year when you will always be checking your credit reports. I like to select January of each new year, as that is the perfect time to review your credit and make financial decisions for the upcoming year.


Another option is to join a website called Credit Karma. You've probably seen commercials for this service on TV, such as the one below:


The benefit of using Credit Karma is that it is 100% free, and gives you an updated credit score each month. In this way, you are able to monitor your score on an ongoing basis, instead of just once per year. The disadvantage to using just Credit Karma, however, is that it only shows you credits scores from 2 out of 3 agencies. This means once a year, you'll still have to get your annual credit reports from AnnualCreditReport.com in order to make sure your credit is good with all 3 agencies. Even if you sign up for Credit Karma, it's important to remember to check your score with all 3 bureaus. This is because many bureaus report erroneous information from time to time. Just because your credit looks good on 2 out of 3 bureuas, you should therefore not take anything for granted.


After you join Credit Karma, I recommend logging in at the beginning to check your credit every month. This may seem like a hassle, but monitoring your credit score is the easiest way to protect yourself from credit fraud and identity theft. As cumbersome as it may be for you, you must remain vigilent and proactive about protecting your credit. If you don't believe me, just go online and read the many horror stories of people who have been victims of identity theft. The damage that is done by such scams can last many years and will require hundreds of hours on your part and lots of money to repair. For more on identity theft and fraud, I recommend reading this artice on the Department of Justice website.


Is it really worth the trouble to keep such a close eye on your credit? The answer is a resounding yes. Remember you need a good credit not for just getting mortgage loans. If you want to live in a decent apartment, chances are good that the landlord will check your credit. This is true for purchasing cars as well. In some cases, employers will run your credit as well before deciding whether or not to hire you.


In fact, along with your social security number, I would say that your credit score is among the most important numbers in your life. Thankfully, the Internet makes it easy for us to stay on top of our credit. So don't be lazy and take advantage of your annual free credit reports from all 3 agencies, and sign up for an account with Credit Karma as well. Don't put aside these important step, and do these things right now, if you have not done so already.


Can You Date Online on the Cheap?

woman using dating site app

Eharmony can cost as much as $59 a month. Match.com can be upwards of $40 a month. So what gives? Do you need deep pockets if you want to use the biggest and best dating sites on the Web? It may seem so at first glance, but a further examination shows that this is not necessarily the case. If you have the right approach, you can engage in online dating for a fairly reasonable cost, or even for free.


The most obvious, cheap way to date online is to use free online dating sites. There are quite a few such sites, but the most famous one is proably Okcupid, where there are millions of members. A quick visit to this site will reveal that the site is plain vanilla, without many bells and whistles. But if you use the site and if you're persistent, you can get the job done using sites like this. I will point out, however, that many accounts on free dating sites are not active, so you will need to be quite patient in continuing to seek out and contact other members.


A second, better option in my mind is to use the best dating sites like Match.com, but to explore ways to get better pricing. This can be achieved in two ways. Firstly, you can buy a membership that is 6 months or longer. By doing this, your monthly membership price will fall quite drastically, sometimes by more than 50%.


In addition to buying a 6 month subscription or longer, you can also take advantage of dating site coupons. Many people aren't even aware that you can obtain such coupons online. Currently, dating coupons come in two flavors. One kind will allow you to get a free trial. The best example of this is the 72 hour Match.com free trial, which is quite popular and offered by the site, Datingcoupons.net. The second type of coupon will give you a discount should you decide to buy a membership plan. Such coupons can save you as much as 25% off regular prices.


Therefore, while using the best dating sites can cost some money, there are definitely certain tactics you can employ to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.


Does Scientific Matching Work Online?

married couple that met on eharmony

For quite a while now, sites such as eharmony and chemistry.com have advertised the notion that they can find your true love using scientific algorithms. While it's probably beyond the scope of this site to examine the actual science and validity behind such algorithms, it's not out of the question to explore whether such systems can actually work. After all, if you can leave it up to a computer to find an ideal partner for you, wouldn't that be a lot easier than doing all the work yourself?


It's definitely an appealing idea, and perhaps that is why sites like eharmony have become so popular. And with science and technology making great strides in recent years, such matching systems are bound to only get better. Already, we are beginning to understand more about human relationships simply by looking at all the data gathered by dating sites like Okcupid and eharmony. I for one would definitely support dating sites openly sharing all of their findings for the benefit of humankind.


In this article, let's take a specific look at eharmony. If you spend any time analyzing the site, it should be obvious that the site has one clear goal, which is to find the love of your life (presumably leading to marriage). It would follow then, that the number of marriages that eharmony is responsible would be a good measure of how successful it is.


According to the latest claims by eharmony, the site has led to over a million marriages, which by itself is quite a stunning number of marriages. But when you think of the fact that over 16 million people have tried eharmony, that means under 10% of them actually succeeded in getting married because of the site.


But I've found that the 16 million members is somewhat misleading, because the number of current members is always much. much, lower. Although it's hard to get precise numbers, I've heard that eharmony has less than 1 million active subscribers. So the actual number of people who subscribe to eharmony (which is more meaningful than the total number of members, which can include a ton of free members or people who simply joined using a free trial membership of eharmony), then the success ratio starts looking much better.\


If you actually compare eharmony to dating sites, it looks ever more favorable, since eharmony, while not being the largest dating site on the Web, has generated more marriages than anyone else. I guess it ultimately comes down to what you're after. If a long-term relationship is what feels right for you at this juncture in your life, then eharmony seems to be the winning choice as far as dating sites go.


Evod E-cig Review


It seems that every e-cig user goes through stages. In the beginning, they typically choose smaller e-cigs such as the ones sold at White Cloud E-cig, which is one of my favorite companies and one that I recommend to new vapers. Eventually, however, most vapers realize that there are many, more complex e-cig setups they can try.


It is at this point that most people move onto a larger, pen-style e-cig such as the ever popular Ego. Today, I will be reviewing the Evod, which is Kanger's main ego-style vaporizer. You can get a blister kit for the Evod for as little as $15. There are quite a few Evod knockoffs made by other companies, but I don't think it's a good idea to buy these imitations. Kanger is the only brand I would personally trust when buying the Evod battery.


In many ways, the Evod is similar to the Ego. It is about the same size, and the batteries come in idential sizes. While the Ego is 3.3 volts, the Evod is 3.7 volts, so that's something you might want to keep in mind when ordering coils. The main difference other than this is the style of the button. I personally like the Evod battery's button as it looks sleeker.


The Evod battery is typically used with the Evod tank, which holds up to 1.5 ml. There are also dual core tanks like the Evod 2 and Evod glass, if you want to try out such setups as well. Because these tanks are bottom coil, you don't have to worry about keeping the wick damp with e-liquids, which is a nice thing in my opinion.


On the whole the Evod delivers great flavor, and battery life is very good. Even if you chain vape, a 650mah battery is likely to last all day. But if you want, you can get more powerful batteries for a few more dollars. For the money, I prefer the Evod over Ego batteries.


If you are a new vaper, here is my advice:


1. To get started, buy a starter kit for a cig-alike e-cigarette, such as the ones you can get from White Cloud E-cigarette company. Make sure you take advantage of these White Cloud Electronic Cigarette coupons: http://e-cigbargains.com/white-cloud/. Use that for a few months until you get used to vaping. Experiment with different flavors and start buying your own e-juice instead of pre-filled cartomizers.


2. For your first upgrade, consider purchasing an Ego or Evod, and pick a bottom coil clearomizer such as the Evod tank.


After these two steps, you can either stick with a vape pen, or move on to more complex setups like mods. The choice is a personal one, and how much complexity you want. I for one am happy with the Evod and intend to continue using it in the future.


Playing Casino Games With Bitcoin and Dogecoin

bitcoin casino


For a couple decades now, online casinos have provided a way for people to enjoy their favorite casino games without having to leave their homes. The games can usually be played for real money or for free, but the one big problem has been accessibility. Because laws against online gambling tend to be strict in some countries, many online casinos stopped accepting bets from places such as the U.S. Another blow came in 2006 when major credit card companies stopped accepting transactions that involve online casinos.


Despite setbacks, however, online casinos continued to grow. Partly, this was due to the recent popularity of poker. Websites that allowed players to enjoy a game of Texas Holdem saw great popularity. And today, as some states begin making online gambling legal, the trend will likely continue.


But people who try to fund their casino accounts may still face obstacles. This may not be an issue much longer, however, as an increasing number of casinos have begun accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is easy to acquire, as there are now plenty of exchanges where you can buy bitcoin using other currencies such as the U.S. dollar.


Transferring bitcoins to a casino account will never pose a problem, since bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment method, and there is no middle man such as a bank or credit card company. Because of this feature, nobody can block the transaction. With that said, you should still not fund a casino account if it is illegal to gamble online in your location. But if you live in a place where gambling is allowed, and just want an easier, sure-fire way to fund your account (with less transaction costs), then consider using these casino that allow you to play with dogecoins.


Playing casino games online can be a lot of fun. Nothing will replace the excitement of playing poker or slots at a real casino, but for those people who don't live within driving distance of a casino, playing games online can be a great compromise.


Free or Cheap Entertainment Options

online video games

Along with the Internet came many free and cheap entertainment options that did not exist previously. If you have a good Internet connection, you probably don't lack for ways to keep yourself preoccupied. But in case you do, here are some of my favorite ways to have fun online. And the best part is that most of these things are free or cost only a modest amount of money.

1. Watch Videos or Shows
Visit some of the popular Youtube channels and you'll soon see why they are so popular. Watching these videos, which are all free, can be incredibly entertaining, and the best ones are well-produced as well. I particularly like the prank channels, of which there are many. You can also watch your favorite shows online by going to the network's website. Typically, the five most recent episodes will be posted and can be viewed for free. If you want to watch more than that, you will likely need to subscribe to a service like Hulu or Netflix, but such services usually only cost about eight dollars a month, which is a drop in the bucket for all the content you get in return.

2. Games

This is a huge one. You can play simple, traditional games like backgammon or checkers online for free. Many more complex games such as MMORPGs are also free to play. And in addition to that, you can play a lot of casino games at one of the many online casinos that are available all over the Internet. If the free games don't appeal to you, you don't need to buy expensive games to enjoy high quality gaming. By joining a service such as Gamefly, you can rent video games much more cheaply. Gamefly charges a monthly subscription, but in return you can rent as many games as you want every month, but you can usually only rent out one or two games at a time. If you want, you can get a Gamefly free trial from FreeTrialSpot.com and try the service for a period of 30 days.


3. Chat in Virtual Worlds
You can create your own world and live in it if you join a virtual world such as Second Life. While similar to games, Second Life isn't quite a game, but more like the ultimate sandbox and a way to live your life in and online universe (hence the name). It is hard to explain how something like Second Life works, so it's best to simply create an account and check it out for yourself. Using Second Life is free, although you need to spend a small amount of money if you want to do things like buy nice clothes or a home for your avatar.


Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses


In the past, I've discussed many ways to save money in your everyday life. Today, I'd like to branch out a bit and talk about how small businesses can save money on their expenses.


One thing I've noticed from running my own business is that business owners always have a tendency to underestimate expenses. On average, I find that my monthly costs are at least a few hundred dollars more than what I had budgeted for. So how can businesses cut down on costs? It requires discipline and the commitment to stick to certain principles when it comes to buying products for your business.


Here are some of my favorite ways to cut down on my monthly business expenses:


1. Use a home office.
Sure, having a professional office is nice, but if you can make do with a home office, that will almost always save you several hundred dollars a month. In addition to saving on office rent that you might otherwise need to pay, using part of your home as an office entitles you to make a deduction on your tax returns.


2. Consider co-working space.

If you absolutely must have an office (for meeting clients, etc.), then consider using a co-working space. They are cheaper than regular business offices, and most co-working spaces also have conference rooms you can use.


3. Buy supplies online, and use online coupons.
Running to a nearby Office Depot may be convenient, but in most cases, it's not cost-efficient. In almost all cases, you save money when you purchase office supplies online. Some of my favorite sites for buying supplies online are Quill.com and Deluxe Checks. How powerful is this technique? I recently ordered 500 checks using a Deluxe Checks promotional code, and I saved myself hundreds of dollars.


4. Go paperless.
Printing costs a lot of money. Not only do you use paper (which is ecologically unfriendly), you also end up using a lot of ink. And you probably already know that printer ink is not cheap. Instead of printing things like receipts, save electronic copies instead. By cutting down on your use of paper and ink, you'll bring down your monthly costs more than you might think.