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Evod E-cig Review


It seems that every e-cig user goes through stages. In the beginning, they typically choose smaller e-cigs such as the ones sold at White Cloud E-cig, which is one of my favorite companies and one that I recommend to new vapers. Eventually, however, most vapers realize that there are many, more complex e-cig setups they can try.


It is at this point that most people move onto a larger, pen-style e-cig such as the ever popular Ego. Today, I will be reviewing the Evod, which is Kanger's main ego-style vaporizer. You can get a blister kit for the Evod for as little as $15. There are quite a few Evod knockoffs made by other companies, but I don't think it's a good idea to buy these imitations. Kanger is the only brand I would personally trust when buying the Evod battery.


In many ways, the Evod is similar to the Ego. It is about the same size, and the batteries come in idential sizes. While the Ego is 3.3 volts, the Evod is 3.7 volts, so that's something you might want to keep in mind when ordering coils. The main difference other than this is the style of the button. I personally like the Evod battery's button as it looks sleeker.


The Evod battery is typically used with the Evod tank, which holds up to 1.5 ml. There are also dual core tanks like the Evod 2 and Evod glass, if you want to try out such setups as well. Because these tanks are bottom coil, you don't have to worry about keeping the wick damp with e-liquids, which is a nice thing in my opinion.


On the whole the Evod delivers great flavor, and battery life is very good. Even if you chain vape, a 650mah battery is likely to last all day. But if you want, you can get more powerful batteries for a few more dollars. For the money, I prefer the Evod over Ego batteries.


If you are a new vaper, here is my advice:


1. To get started, buy a starter kit for a cig-alike e-cigarette, such as the ones you can get from White Cloud E-cigarette company. Make sure you take advantage of these White Cloud Electronic Cigarette coupons: http://e-cigbargains.com/white-cloud/. Use that for a few months until you get used to vaping. Experiment with different flavors and start buying your own e-juice instead of pre-filled cartomizers.


2. For your first upgrade, consider purchasing an Ego or Evod, and pick a bottom coil clearomizer such as the Evod tank.


After these two steps, you can either stick with a vape pen, or move on to more complex setups like mods. The choice is a personal one, and how much complexity you want. I for one am happy with the Evod and intend to continue using it in the future.