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Free or Cheap Entertainment Options

online video games

Along with the Internet came many free and cheap entertainment options that did not exist previously. If you have a good Internet connection, you probably don't lack for ways to keep yourself preoccupied. But in case you do, here are some of my favorite ways to have fun online. And the best part is that most of these things are free or cost only a modest amount of money.

1. Watch Videos or Shows
Visit some of the popular Youtube channels and you'll soon see why they are so popular. Watching these videos, which are all free, can be incredibly entertaining, and the best ones are well-produced as well. I particularly like the prank channels, of which there are many. You can also watch your favorite shows online by going to the network's website. Typically, the five most recent episodes will be posted and can be viewed for free. If you want to watch more than that, you will likely need to subscribe to a service like Hulu or Netflix, but such services usually only cost about eight dollars a month, which is a drop in the bucket for all the content you get in return.

2. Games

This is a huge one. You can play simple, traditional games like backgammon or checkers online for free. Many more complex games such as MMORPGs are also free to play. And in addition to that, you can play a lot of casino games at one of the many online casinos that are available all over the Internet. If the free games don't appeal to you, you don't need to buy expensive games to enjoy high quality gaming. By joining a service such as Gamefly, you can rent video games much more cheaply. Gamefly charges a monthly subscription, but in return you can rent as many games as you want every month, but you can usually only rent out one or two games at a time. If you want, you can get a Gamefly free trial from FreeTrialSpot.com and try the service for a period of 30 days.


3. Chat in Virtual Worlds
You can create your own world and live in it if you join a virtual world such as Second Life. While similar to games, Second Life isn't quite a game, but more like the ultimate sandbox and a way to live your life in and online universe (hence the name). It is hard to explain how something like Second Life works, so it's best to simply create an account and check it out for yourself. Using Second Life is free, although you need to spend a small amount of money if you want to do things like buy nice clothes or a home for your avatar.